LC Finance Principle: Heal

You may wonder what healing has to do with finances. You may even think healing would take place if you had a few more coins. Often times, money is a band aid to a much deeper issue. And Spirit in all grace is in the business of uprooting dis-ease not in merely medicating the symptoms. From now on you must see money as an exchange for goods and services (another LC Finance Principle); nothing more and nothing less.

Money does not carry the ability to fill voids, although it can assist in filling your closet. It cannot mend your broken heart after a break up. Sure, it can purchase a big bowl of ice cream to cry over but it doesn’t have the power to fulfill you in the way healing does.

Working and speaking with millionaires has revealed many financial truths and the one truth that remains the same is that money can’t buy happiness – but healing can.

Here are some areas to discover where healing may need to take place in your life and how to start the process of becoming rich:

Paradigm. In Minding Your Money Mentality, we are encouraged to answer a few questions about our financial paradigm. What does money represent to you? Culture and society breeds this idea of socioeconomic status. There is this invisible (and often times very clear) caste system most function in. Take a moment to determine your financial philosophy.

Identity. Start to dig in on how you see yourself in regards to money. Who are you outside of material possessions and accolades? If everything you rent and own were taken away from you, who would you be? How would you feel?

Relationships. Is money the cause of you staying or leaving? A bond built on finance is no bond at all. With one pull of a thread, what you call a relationship will surely unravel. Healing in your relationships starts with healing in oneself. Ask yourself what your relationships are built on? We must understand Source provides fully. Walking in this truth frees us up; releasing toxic financial co-dependency and the fear of being an individual.

Peace of Mind. Money has the tendency to provide false security. Money is currency; it flows. Fear of not having enough leads to worry, hoarding and selfishness. And having too much without peace causes anxiety of another kind. What is your peace rooted in? If it is money, you will never have the fullness of rest.

Self-Worth. You can’t put a price tag on who you are as a person. Experiencing the highs and lows of finance teaches you intrinsic appreciation. Valuing your core being starts with healing your sense of self-worth.


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