Effective Forgiveness


Someone once told me forgiveness is not saying the offense is ok, it’s just not holding on to the offense. We are always encouraged to forgive others and even ourselves. Often times we truly want to forgive but the difficulty is in the how. How does one forgive? What does it take? How does it feel? How does it look? So many questions secretly lie beneath true forgiveness.

Check out the process of effectively forgiving below and apply these tips today:

Accept Forgiveness

Accept forgiveness as a way of life. When you really think about it, you need forgiveness for the rest of your existence. Whether its extended toward self, a boss or employee, friend or foe, bae or an ex, you will have to forgive. Forgiveness is healthy and frees you from emotional blockages.


Yes, it takes faith to forgive. Pardoning someone of an offense is a spiritual act. The fear associated with a wrong-doing requires faith. We have to believe in our ability to move past hurt and harm in a space of love. It gives you the freedom to actually heal.


Don’t get stuck in denial. You have to acknowledge the results of the event and the person involved; admit that it happened, whatever it may be.


Press in to your healing. You must focus your energy on moving past the emotional trauma. When you think of it, isn’t that what we all really want? To not feel the pain associated with the offense. Un-forgiveness is not the vehicle that will get you there – healing is. Usually hurt people hurt people (intentionally or not). Having a bit of empathy helps in your healing too. Undealt with emotions can also transfer into your thinking causing a mental blockage, so healing is vital. This is why it is important to walk in forgiveness.


Meditation presents the opportunity to focus your thinking on a new thought. Triggers from the past will arise; a familiar face, place, song, or smell. Reminders don’t mean forgiveness hasn’t taken place. They just signal the need to reprogram your mind. Meditation retrains the brain to have another perspective and impacts the subconscious where memories reside. Decide to meditate on forgiveness.

The more you forgive the easier it becomes and the sooner you can release the low energy associated with hurt. Keep moving forward.



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