Abundance In Plain Sight

There are hidden resources in the earth for each of us. This concept of abundance has taken off in culture and society. Having a no lack mindset is said to attract all one may want and need. This idea of positive thinking and spoken affirmation is given accredited to wealth and happiness (from soulmates to million dollar homes) coming into a person’s life.

But how does this practice actually work? Do you just speak a word and voila “it” suddenly appears? The fullness of this mystery may be unknown but here are a few insights on the process.


We all have a path. Life is like one long thread. Along this thread there are events, experiences, and evolution. There is also provision of all kinds, not only financial, but spiritual, mental, relational, and material. Finding and following the thread or the path, you will discover the abundance set aside for you. Getting into alignment is saying yes to what is and listening to what can and will be.


Personal development is key in seeing what is right in front of you. Everything. All you need is right in front of you. Access is the issue; not availability. And access opens up when one becomes conscious of it. The concept of self-actualization is simply becoming your full self. It involves development and discovery of gifts, strengths, and purpose. Expansion in your consciousness is the evolution of self. A genius is nothing more than one operating as their highest self.

The more of you, you become the more access you have through consciousness to what is already made available to you.


The power in belief is not in thinking a thing to be true; the strength of belief is that it causes us to move in a specific direction. Belief is made up of two words; be and lief. To be is to exist; it is to be conscious. Lief (in it’s oldest form of usage) is to love; it carries the meaning of being dear, valued, and pleasant. Joined together, belief means to give value to a thing we become conscious of. The question now is: what thoughts are you conscious of and giving value to? Thoughts are plans and probable outcomes perceived in consciousness. They are ideas we become aware of within.

Belief exists when we give value to a thought by way of meditation.

And because we are wombs, we naturally move to manifest (make appear) what we meditate(chew/feed) on; eventually giving birth to it. That birthing process involves meditation, speech, and physical labor. Then abracadabra (meaning I will have what I say or it will be created with my words) you have what you believe.

What do you believe about resources and abundance? Ask yourself that question today.


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