Knowing Your Body

Being comfortable in your skin becomes literal when facing 40. Knowing your body and catering to it now saves you years of disappointment later.

Here are 5 things you should know about your body:

Why does that hurt?

Is it your hip, your shoulder, head, knees or toes? Regardless of where you should know why you may find yourself in discomfort. For years many pay no attention to what ails them or simply pop an Aspirin never really getting to the root of the pain. It is so vital you know why a part of your body is in a state of disease. Listening to that pain can change and potentially save your life.

What does your body like?

From food to orgasms, you should know what your body likes. What boosts your energy, heightens your sense of awareness, and makes you sleep well at night? Understanding your body takes intimacy with self. You will find some foods you eat don’t really taste as good or make you feel as good as let’s say a healthier choice. Your body really doesn’t like greasy food and soda. It doesn’t really like sleeping around with randoms. It would rather a fruit and commitment.

What does your body need?

Everyone needs water. Let’s be real, what we need is not always what we want. In order to truly know your body, you must be honest about what it takes to fuel it properly. We need fruits and veggies. We need exercise. We need intimacy. We need spiritual food. We must find a way to give our body what it needs in a healthy and pure way.

Am I accepting my body?

Above all else, we must accept our present physical body in whatever shape it’s in. We must apply some grace and extra love to what we look and feel like. We have to accept every curve, every flat or flabby surface; every stretch mark and beauty mark; every ache and every pain; every dark and light spot; every area of our body in the now. Only then can we improve it.

Is my body trained?

You don’t have to be Serena or Venus to train your body. We are all athletes. We need our bodies to be healthy and clean in order to run this race of life. We have to be in good shape to live long and strong. Our bodies must be trained. Training your body gives you the strength to say yes to what’s good and no to what isn’t. We must train our bodies to withhold from offers we need to refuse and receive all that is good. Don’t allow your body to run you. Train it to do what serves you and your highest self.


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