Dear Anger, I Hate You

Anger isn’t an emotion we should seek to bask in, it is, however, one that rears its pointy head every now and then. And when it does we must be equipped to deal with it. For many of us, resilience is the answer; bouncing back, finding the lesson or seeking the silver lining or even revenge. While 4 out of 5 of these tactics can be helpful, over time you may wake up one day and realize just how mad you really are.

Releasing anger in a healthy manner should occur as often as we laugh and cry. Anger is real and holding in it will only result in inner turmoil. Often times, one is taught to suppress such an emotion; we are told to hold it in our get over it. Others overly express anger to the point of hurting others and themselves. Releasing anger in a safe space frees you from the root causes leading to healthy outcomes versus unfortunate consequences.

All emotions cause us to move in a certain direction; by definition alone emotion is energy in motion. Happiness moves us to one behavior while sorrow will lead us to another. Being mindful of the power of emotion is key in how we deal with anger and other states of energy. We should always look for the root of our emotional state; in this case anger.

Anger is the result of hurt, sorrow, and disappointment. It is a low energy state of emotion and where depression, suppression, and oppression reside. Moving in the state of anger in an unhealthy manner will lead to these types of mental states. But there is hope. Again, anger is the result of some form of sadness. So, we must focus on the event that caused the anger not move forward in it.

Writing is the first step in dealing with anger. It is the safe space. Putting pen to a paper can do more for you than yelling at someone or bottling it up. Removing words of negativity and anger inserted into another out of hurt and frustration is a much harder task compared to simply pouring your soul out on to a piece of paper. Writing gives you time to breathe and come to a state of calm without hurting anyone or yourself. When we are angry chemicals and stress hormones are heightened and fear is at an all-time high.

Getting to a space of calm is key. Understand, while emotions are powerful, you have power over them. Once you get into the driver’s seat of anger you are better able to turn it into healing. Start written word at a time.


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