Cutting Bad Habits

Let’s face it, we all have habits that don’t serve us well. Spending excessive amounts of time on social media, watching a bit too much foolishness, or eating too much or too little. Life is really made up of the habits we establish overtime. A major key in living your best life is acknowledging what works and cutting out traits, characteristics and behaviors that don’t.

Here are 3 keys to cutting bad habits:

Acknowledge It’s Not Serving You Well

Using social media as an example; you may find yourself picking up your phone for one thing only to drift off on a scroll for 10 – 15 minutes forgetting the very reason you went to your device. Screen-time adds up. In the same duration, you could have did at least 100 crunches, checked off an important task from your to-do list or meditated.

Acknowledging wasteful and destructive behavior is the first step in pruning bad habits. It takes maturity, grace towards yourself, and empowers you to make a change.

Replace the Old with Something New

The best way and next step is picking up a new habit. Making a new decision in choosing to do a more beneficial activity. We are habitual by nature so don’t expect to put down one thing without the need to pick up another. The point is the value whatever you engage in brings you. Take a moment to think about what you truly need to give your attention to. Is it completing a project you’ve shelved? Spending time with your elderly family member or your child? Could it be working out or spending time in prayer and meditation? When you really think about it, there are tons of rewarding tasks you could tend to versus procrastination, engaging in idle chatter, or sitting in negative thinking.

Pick up a new habit that rewards you. Write it done and make a commitment to yield to it with intention.


Starting a new habit takes consistency, time, and yes, a scoop of faith. Bad habits don’t start over night. Little by little they become a norm and little by little they can be changed. Don’t give up and remain consistent. The moment you feel yourself slipping back push to the new habit and stay there.



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