Living Free after the Cave

Spiritual awakening is like rehab. You realize you have a problem, you're stripped away of all lies, discover truth and then you are set free. It's a beautiful experience but can be super scary. For starters, facing yourself is the most difficult task one can embark on. To be real with yourself and stand in your own truth is like slaying multiple giants with a bag of pebbles. With that, it's also the most rewarding battle you can find yourself in.

Once freedom is arrived, you then begin the work of reimagining your life and adapting to your new normal. I didn't know how afraid I was of living a life of freedom until I found myself standing at the tip of my promised land. The protective mechanisms used while in bondage can no longer be applied. We get comfortable in discomfort, we intentionally scare ourselves and call it a contingency plan, and pollute our hearts with all that can go wrong until we go nowhere.

So standing at the entry gate of a land flowing with milk and honey can be a daunting reality. Here are 3 tools to use when you arrive at that state I call Happy:


To meditate is to repeat a thought on a consistent basis. You can do this while sitting in a pretzel-like pose or cleaning your home. The key is what you are thinking aka what you are saying to yourself. Get an affirmation, a scripture or a profession, that feeds your soul and repeat it over and over within and out loud.

Prove your fear wrong.

When fear tries to rear its ugly head, I have learned to speak forth my affirmation and proceeded to show myself all is well. Living in a Harlem brownstone comes with creeks and random sounds; just last light I walked my 5-year self through the house looking in closets and under beds saying: see, there is nothing to be afraid of. It helped tremendously!

Celebrating your arrival.

Throw a bash for a party of one during the day for each milestone. Celebrate the slaying of giants by taking atleast one minute to whisper to yourself: we did it. The more you celebrate your victories the more you get used to winning.


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