Your Money Mentality

Money is a form of exchange for goods and services. It is a tool to obtain material wealth. Money in and of itself does not equate riches. One must first understand there money mentality in order to live a life of abundance. We must be real, open, and honest with ourselves.

Check out a few questions below to discover what you truly think about money:

  1. Do I believe in a life of abundance?

  2. Who or what do I rely on in times of want and need?

  3. What are my last five purchases?

  4. How much money have a given in the last year?

  5. Do I work for money or does money work for me?

  6. If I had all of the money needed and wanted, how would I live my life differently?

  7. Is my happiness connected to the amount of money I have?

  8. Do I hoard, plan, or lavishly spend money?

  9. How do I feel emotionally when I think about my personal finances?

  10. Am I open to receiving a more in all areas of my life including my finances?

Write your responses and continue on the journey of discovering your money mentality.



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