How Often Do You Eat?

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Society and culture influences much of our lives...if we give it permission. One of the major areas of influence is in the way we eat. Did you stop and think about why you eat three meals a day? Have you ever considered the reason you’re eating that classic New York breakfast sandwich – the bacon, egg, & cheese?

Understand, had you grown up in a different habitat, under a different set of values and beliefs your food, how and when you eat would consist of an entirely different routine and menu.

With that being said, we must ask ourselves: how often and why are we eating? For such a very long time I wanted to make the switch from meat to more of a veggie or plant-based diet; not for weight loss but for lifestyle. Little by little, I’d eliminate certain foods starting with meat; and as many attest, you feel the difference in your body and mind. But even with this new way of eating, I found myself consuming so much until I literally felt a pain in my back. It pushed me to think about why I tend to over eat. The why is the underlying issue for eating too much or too little and ultimately how and what we eat.

Here are 5 things to consider while eating your way through life:

Let your appetite lead you.

Only eat when you’re hungry. When I get up in the morning I push myself to drink a glass of water. I water my plants as a reminder to also water myself. Most times, when we think we’re hungry our body is really just thirsty.

We are living creatures made up of at least 60% of water. We must replenish on a regular basis. I usually pour a glass at night so when I rise there are no excuses to take a sip. Moving forward, throughout the day, do your best to eat fruits or veggies first.

Your palette will become your guide.

As you start to mentally consider a new way of eating, your body will eventually follow. Your palette may experience a shift in taste and desire more healthy foods. My body literally rejects milk now. It makes me nauseas. Your taste buds will become your friend.

Don’t add it to your grocery list.

If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. This should have been first on the list. Stop buying unhealthy foods and snacks. One of the hurdles we must get over is the price tag associated with eating healthy. It’s not as expensive as most think but definitely worth the benefits. My switch came at a time with very little funds. But I told myself, I’d rather spend what I do have on a better quality of life.

Stress eating.

After self-reflection and observation, I realized my eating patterns were based on three factors: necessity, taste, and stress. I’d eat due to human nature, the food was just delicious, or during anxious moments. A healthy way to eat is to combine the first two. Eat when you need to and savor that moment. Now, no amount of food is going to fill a mental or emotional void. We cannot heal spiritual wounds with physical food. We must dig in and discover what’s ailing us within.

Be patient with yourself.

All transitions come with a process. Again, make tiny shifts little by little and over time you will see the results. The work really takes place in the mind so focus on your why not how long.

Note: I am a human being writing from experience.