Like music and sound itself, we all carry a vibe. You know ... that feeling when standing next to a loud speaker. To vibrate is to move back and forth, to and fro. Our bodies radiate energy; every cell in our body is constantly moving. Fulfilling purpose and doing their own work.

Depending on our thoughts we move at a certain frequency and this energy is truly felt. First by you, then others.

Vibes are real. They indicate your thoughts. They also determine your mood. When sitting still long enough, you can pick up on your own vibes. The beauty in this is the opportunity to shift your mood by shifting your thoughts.

Ask yourself, what vibes do I want to feel and inevitably give off? If I were a sound what would my tune be? Would it sound like clanging cymbals or a ringing gong? Or would it sound like love?

Vibe your most loving frequency. selah.


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