I am so happy.

I never knew that happiness would come in the form of simply being.

It's not associated with a specific mountain of success; it's actually in the climb.

It's in progress.

I find myself crying randomly...because of the joy that's in feeling myself grow.

And that's just's our one constant as human grow....into our full selves.

It's quite foolish for us to think that once we learn to walk or stop growing physically or have obtained a certain level of vocabulary that we suddenly remain the same. What is it with us and this crippling desire to stay the same when it's the constant rate of change that truly sustains and fulfill us.

I do know that change in this sense implicates development and not haphazardly shifting personality or even visions. It's amazing how when we pay attention, the metamorphosis becomes clearer. Each chapter in the story is written seemingly right before our eyes. Maybe it's more like we get to live out each chapter. And when conscious we see the beautiful story of life that was already written for us before we even entered our mother's womb.

Thank you.

I am so grateful.



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