try less.

Sunday. 1:38AM

I am starting to understand this idea of letting go. It doesn't mean giving up but leans more towards surrender. I have always been a fighter and a believer in the thought that if I keep pressing forward I'd achieve desired results.

With more experience I am gaining the wisdom in knowing when to press and when to surrender. When to fight and when to gracefully bow out. The truth is that both are strategies to success.

Moving forward, I am making a commitment to self to resist the need to control or force.

Staying focused on vision has truly been a saving grace for me. It's kept me out of trouble...:)...its kept me safe...its kept me happy.

I don't want to see surrender as defeat. I choose not to see it that way anymore.

I'll try less. And that doesn't mean I am a slacker or weak.

My prayer is that you continue to show me when to hold on and when to let go.



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