no longer discounting myself


Attending the #IndiaArie listening party in #Harlem was super. Part of it being super is how the moment manifested itself...:)

Being shoulder to shoulder with others just felt really good. Being stuffed inside of the Hexagon Lounge I couldn’t help but feel the energy filling the space.

One of the most memorable songs sung is Worthy. It made me realize how much I have discounted myself in relationships, work and even personally.

I'm learning that Value is something that I don’t choose but truly have to walk in. I realized just how valuable I am. At one point I struggled with understanding where it stemmed from. The world just has a way of making one feel less than – but now I know not understanding my worth is dangerous. It has robbed me of actually living my best and most full life.

You are so worthy, Tashima. Meditate on that truth. You are so worthy of all that life has to offer. You are made on purpose with a purpose and created in love and to be loved. Never forget that. Continue to discover your intrinsic value. Understand that all earthly success comes from knowing your can never determine it....selah.

And from that understanding, you will be able to truly love others.


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