start looking for the good

Start Looking for the Good.

This morning in prayer, I heard this pea-brain voice ranting and carrying on about some small insignificant moment that had come and gone. For the first time, I was able to hear it outside of myself. I was able to separate it from the real me and see it for what it is; the inferior voice of distraction. It was trying to play the starring role in my meditation. I was literally able to see a tiny being seeking to kill my joy, laughter, and adoration for my closest friend....God.

In that stillness, I was led to cast all burdens aside and told I could never be shaken (fall, fail, or be put to shame).

What I walked away with is this...start looking for the good..start to trust it. There will be two voices you hear and it’s in your power to choose which one you will listen to. We hear cars honking, feet on pavement, and music blaring as we walk but we listen to our favorite song, those closest to us, and our hearts.

Be still and know that the Creator of the universe not only hears but listens to your every prayer. Understand that you will never be put to shame. Trust the good all around you and that which resides in you.





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