New Growth

I randomly take seeds and plant them. If you know me, you know my weirdness when it comes to scrap food and seeds. Think about it, in every seed there is a whole tree. In February, after lunch I took pepper seeds from my #salad and planted them. Since then they’ve grown quite a bit. The other one, well that’s #Apple.

Any who, a #flower or plant can only grow as high as its roots can grow in depth. So, the deeper the roots the taller the plant. When I stop seeing growth, i know it’s time to replant in a bigger pot. I saw a change in Pepper the very next morning!

Another thing about me is that I see life lessons in almost everything. And here is one, never stop growing. Some times it’s not that you are doing something wrong. You just need to adjust your space. And in order to see new growth in your life you must continue to water your soil (the mind) & tend to your garden (your heart).

Be sure it gets the nourishment it needs. And when you stop seeing growth, you may be replanted or prompted to create more space right where you are.


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