Organic Networking: How to Build Your Connects

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Networking was always so uncomfortable to me in the corporate world. And it wasn’t a fear of speaking with people; it was the idea of…well…being fake. To be thrown in a room crafted with gold ceilings on Wall Street with the sole purpose of selling myself to see what I could get from others was very disturbing to me – an individual who likes to genuinely connect with others.

This and other experiences (like contracts gone wrong) is the reason behind Connects. And speaking with Ash Cash Show guests like Kells Barnett (@kellsmania) of Harlem Haberdashery and Wayno (@wayno119) of Triangle Offense Management, I believe in the following networking tips even more. Here are five ways to organically build your connects.

1. Work from Current Contacts

There is nothing worse than walking down the street and having a random person approach you with an idea, mix tape, or Instagram portfolio. In some cases you are already connected to someone who knows someone so start with the contacts you already have. Often times we think we know that key person but it could very well be an individual you are currently linked to.

2. Come Correct

Professionalism should be based on who you are and not who you are speaking to; have your ideas in order. Approach the rising businessman the same way you would Trump, Diddy, or Kiyosaki. Keep in mind that business is business whether you are in jeans and from the block or in a suit from the corner office.

3. Think Long Term

Some are hoping to get the deal at the first meeting but the truth is building relationships takes time. Getting your foot in the door means you are one step closer – even if nothing immediately comes out of it.

4. Let it Happen Naturally

The best connections are made naturally and this usually happens when both parties are benefiting. Some of my greatest connects have been made through mutual friends or inviting someone to an event and looking for nothing in return.

5. Be Yourself

Fronts only last for a moment. When the façade falls business will eventually follow. It is imperative to always be yourself at each phase of your journey. Better to be disliked for who you are than loved for who you aren’t.

Happy connecting.

Stay tuned for Connects Networking event this June. Details coming soon.

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