Power to the Hashtag: How to get the most out of your posts

It seems like just yesterday the world was introduced to the Hashtag; actually according to #Google it was August 3, 2007. And since then the pound sign followed by words or phrases used to identify messages on a specific topic have taken off. Hashtags are undeniably a marketing goldmine if used correctly. Here are a few tips to remember to get the most out of your posts.

Be technical not catchy

The intent of the hashtag is to reach a group of people on a specific topic. It’s kind of like keywords for a search engine. When scouting for information on Google we insert a keyword and everything on that word is right at your fingertips. Looking at the scenario from the perspective of wanting to be found your brand would use a hashtag relevant to the product, service, or event and the company culture. For example for TJM’s Connects’ event I would use #networking, #harlem #nycmusic, #indieartist, #urbancreatives #musicproducer and the list goes on. So when that independent artist looking to connect with others in the music world performs a tag search on Instagram she will find out about CONNECTS and join us on June 25-27 in Harlem (a plug I’m not ashamed about).

When posting think about what the user would search for and hashtag it.

Custom Hashtags

When creating a brand hashtag be sure it is true to your identity, is relevant to the product or service, and user friendly. It makes no sense to create a hashtag that either has nothing to do with your message or completely overshadows what you are promoting. Once you find the right one, stick to it and use it as often as possible. I’m adamant about #tashimajonesmedia. Knowing how hashtags leave trails, when anyone such as yourself searches #tashimajonesmedia everything I post or am linked to will show up painting a picture of what TJM is all about (I encourage you to do so after reading this article).

Search Tags

I mentioned searching tags. The great thing about them is that you can search tags prior to posting to see how popular they are and who is actually using them. In doing so you zone in on what gets your message across more clearly and in front of your target market. I have connected with great people simply by searching tags like #nycfilmmakers, #harlem, and #venues. People really to use hashstags for more than using up their characters on Twitter or taking pics of their cats for Facebook.

Use the power of the hashtag to get noticed, spread your message or grow your tribe. It’s definitely worth it.


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