TJMDaily: Life Is Who You Are

One of today's many revelations or aha moments as @Oprah would say, was Life is Who You Are. @IyanlaVanzant said "Life is your friend" during the Life You Want Tour in Newark...I woke up feeling like I actually slept; physically my body was at ease along with my mind and emotions. And it was in that time of clarity, I heard Life Is Who You Are.

Of course, I had to share this with you. Life is Who You Are. The question you must ask is Who Am I? Not what you do or own. Or where you've been or who you're dating. Not what college you attended or the fact that you didn't attend at all. It's not about your family or friends. Life is Who You Are. I have experienced highs and lows only to discover that these levels do not exist at all. My Life is Who I Am. Who I am becoming within. My thoughts, my emotions, my perspective. Love. Blessings fall on us all, just like the rain does. We are not valued by how much God blesses us. We are valued for Who We Are in His sight. And Who We Are is different from each and every human being. Who We Are is special, chosen, and accepted (and accepting). Who We Are is worth a Lifelong journey of discovery.

Let this be your meditation today...Life Is Who I Am.

OWN Your Greatness,


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