TJMDaily: Embrace Who You Are & Use It For Good

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of books, courses, and coaches dedicated to changing YOU. After the point of self discovery & mind renewal, the goal should be embracing who you are and then using it for good. You were made on purpose with a purpose so resisting personal characteristics can do more harm than good. For example, I try to limit the amount of time I speak. I feel as though I dominate conversations; I laugh at times and think I talk toooooooo much. This morning, today's thought came to mind - embrace who you are and use it for good.

Sometime in the future (maybe sooner than I think) I see myself being part of a talk show...maybe even launching my own. So the fact that I talk a lot flows right along with my purpose. Of course there are times when listening is required but resisting my garrulous nature would dim my light. Start to take notice of those traits you think are flaws and figure out where they need to be channeled to profit (monetary or not). Another issue I saw was my controlling nature and planning. This is helpful in running TJM and being a boss. I can't go around telling others what to do in everyday life but it's is necessary when engaging in business and as a leader.

Who you are is not an accident neither is your presence. Usually the only change that's necessary is perspective not the real you that's created for greatness.

OWN Your Greatness,


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