TJMDaily: Preparation Is A Lifetime Achievement

Movies are words before they ever become moving pictures. And those words are first ideas in the mind of the filmmaker. Preparation is a part of life. Every moment is one preparing you for the next. The other day I looked at my hands and saw that that the shoulder was preparation for the humerus, the humerus was preparation for the elbow, the elbow prepared the way for the ulna and radius, and they ushered in the wrist, palm and fingers. This combination gives us the ability to do everything from typing to building rocket ships.

Don't despise the preparation progress and forgo the chance of developing who you are and your craft. With every act of creativity and faith something awesome is happening taking one step closer where you want to be. And once you arrive you will realize that this space is preparation for something even grander.

Preparation Is A Lifetime Achievement.

OWN Your Greatness,


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