TJMDaily: Everything Matters

Everything Matters. That's a line from a current book I'm writing. This morning I was reminded of that...Everything Matters. I heard this first in my spirit a few weeks ago. Everything Matters. And You Matter Too.

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Nothing goes unnoticed by the Creator and instead of us Trusting the Source of Life we drive ourselves insane trying to fix it all alone. Today I wanted to remind you that Everything Matters. Nothing goes Unnoticed. Your hopes and dreams, children and relationships, needs and desires...They all matter.

While writing my Accomplishment List (aka To-do List) I wrote: Tell someone I love You Today. A flood of people came to mind. So I decided to tell everyone...Including you. You are Loved. Never ever forget that. Your life has meaning even when you don't know what in the world is going on . Remember Everything Matters. And in each moment something is happening; something good is happening. You just have to believe; and from that state of belief your actions will align with purpose and destiny.

Think AMAZING and be just that.

OWN Your Greatness,


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