Black Mozart, RenegadeNation NYC: What I learned about Brand Building from Ryan Leslie.

By now I'm sure you're aware of my admiration for Ryan Leslie's work ethic and vision. And if you don't know now you know. Last night at the RenegadeNation Tour stop in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom, made him officially one of my (very few) favorite people. I rocked out with an awesome crowd (of various ages andcultural backgrounds) as we assisted Ryan in his performance by chiming in;...I'm the Black Mozart, talent, I hate that...when I fly, you fly, we fly together...we independent, man, no deal. What I observed is that Ryan Leslie truly embodies the elements of a phenomenon; a unique blend of ability that's difficult to understand and fully explain.

I wasn't sure if I was at an Indie Rock concert from my college days, Summer Jam, or the New York Philharmonic. The best way to describe it is a symphony of good music. Here are 3 brand building lessons I learned from Ryan Leslie.

Perfect your craft.

Real people respect real talent. Hone your skills and become a genuis in your field. Successful brands are built on quality. Being meticulous, a trait Ryan seems to have, is characteristic of many legends from Micheal Jackson to Steve Jobs. The feature that makes the Sistine Chapel epic is the detail; the idea of Michelangelo painting this staple of art for four years is inspiring. Perfect your craft.

Communicate on multiple levels.

Being talented does not replace the importance of knowing how to interact with an array of people. You have to be able to conduct yourself in the boardroom, showroom (including media), and with your audience. From listening to Ryan speak at City College, to his contribution at a Connects film event, and now watching him perform showcases his universal ability to engage in different environments. Learn how to effectively communicate.

Give it your all on every occasion.

Whether in front of one or a million, you must perform (regardless of the industry) with great passion. In doing so, you build a tribe of people who really like you. Ryan mentioned eventually packing out Barclay's. To me, last night's experience was just as amazing as it will be at Barclay's, Rose Bowl and Stade de France. Give it your all on every occasion.

Photo cc: @akhilsesh

Ryan brought along some friends; Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) and @LloydBanks graced the stage with performances. I met cool people from Georgia to Sweden and got a glimpse of new talent; Boy/Friend. I'm grateful for a super friend who made it possible for me to attend. Ryan Leslie is definitely a leader in a new wave of the industry. He came back for an encore and closed with my favorite song (and secret mantra) track 4 off of Black Mozart album...every moment of our life we write History. #bnm

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