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In order to live the life we've dreamed of, we must first know who we are. And contrary to popular belief who we are isn't in our job title or relationship status. Neither are we defined by what we own and where we live.

In this course, we rediscover our true selves by doing the work of delayering our self-image and tapping into our core beings. If you've ever asked this big question, get ready to find the answer as we focus on:


  • Why knowing who you are is the key to receiving everything you want.

  • How experiences and the relationships you currently have can mirror your personal self-image

  • And learning how to celebrate you

This LifeCourse is designed for you to:

  • arrive at a space of self-acceptance

  • equip you for pursuing your purpose

What you will need:

  • LifeCourse Guide

  • Pen & Personal Journal

  • Mobile Device & Headphones

  • Commitment

  • Duration: 4 Days

  • LifeCourse PlayList

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