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Being Broke Made Me Rich (#BBMMR) is a short read based on personal experiences and the lessons they taught on being rich. From the encounter with my professor who happened to be an author of a New York Times Bestseller - The Millionaire Next Door  to a perfect stranger handing me hundreds of dollars in cash, I share intimate moments about how being broke truly made me rich.


Read about financial freedom, the Federal Reserve, and how to grow money like a farmer. Discover your money mentality & truths about pursuing your dreams, love, hope, and forgiveness. #BBMMR carries the same energy (with a simple and more intimate approach) as Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.  You will see how moments of being broke are laced with lessons on how to be rich. One can argue politics, facts, theories and even religion but no one can ever argue another's experiences.


BBMMR Video Commentary

I speak candidly about things I couldn’t put in writing for Being Broke Made Me Rich. Join me as I laugh, cry and share additional details about the concept and the journey. #bbmmr 

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